The Bouncer by Soshu S. Oyama

This is the true story of Soshu Oyama. He lived his dream of coming to America thirty years ago. Leaving Japan and going to America seemed to him like going to the moon. This is the story of his hope, his anxiety, and his loneliness on that first day when he arrived in New York. It is a tale of his enormous emotional and spiritual strength, of his belief in himself, as he confronts the fantastic foreigness of America with its different races, religions, customs, and mannerisms. Starting with no friends, no capital, and no resources except his inner strength, Oyama developed a worldwide karate organization with branches in major U. S. cities, South America, Europe, and Japan. Overcoming many barriers and hurdles, he achieved his American dream. This is the account of how he did it.



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3 Reasons Karate is the World’s Best Martial Art

“Which martial art is the best?”

It’s an age-old debate.

Desktop warriors, fighters, scholars and martial geeks have debated the topic for centuries – never coming to a real conclusion on what martial art is the “best”.


Because the question is fundamentally flawed.

See, it depends on how you define ‘best’.

Best for *what*?

Competition? Self-defense? Physical training? Warfare? Weight loss? The answer will vary according to several factors; including your goals, physical potential, availability and mindset.

In my opinion, the best martial art is the one you love to do.

No matter what it’s called.

In my case, it’s called Karate.

Here’s why:

1. Unparallelled Diversity

The inherent variety found in Karate is amazing.

No matter what “style” you train, there’s always something new to learn or do – whether it’s kumite, kihon, bunkai, kata, kobudo or something else.

The cool thing is, although it’s rooted in traditional Japanese/Okinawan values and traditions, you can easily incorporate modern training methods and scientific concepts to amplify Karate’s effectiveness in all areas – even if you just do Karate for fun, health or simply as an “exotic hobby”.

Focus pads? Use ‘em. Conditioning/agility drills? Do ‘em. Sports psychology? Apply it.

There’s no limit to the ways you can use Karate to shape your own journey.

The timelessness of traditional Karate makes it perfect for progressive coaches/sensei who wish to mold their students in any way.

In fact, classical Karate is so adaptable that you can even use it to become UFC champion, like Lyoto Machida.


No matter how you approach Karate, never forget:

Theory and practice go hand in hand.

“Karate is the martial art of intelligent people.”

– Funakoshi Gichin  (1868-1957)

2. Surprisingly Safe, Easy & Effective


Karate is super easy.

(But becoming good at Karate is super hard!)

And, unlike many modern martial sports, Karate is also surprisingly safe. You will rarely get more than a bruise (or bruised ego) during training, and certainly not a broken jaw or neck – unless you train at a McDojo™ where profits are more important than safety. For this reason, Karate has become very popular with kids and older people in recent years.

That being said, don’t fool yourself – if you enter a real dojo you should always be prepared to work hard and experience some pain.

After all, Karate is a martial art.

Nonetheless, Karate is one of the most popular and well-known martial arts for a simple reason:

It’s safe, easy to learn, requires little space and is very effective if done right.

Just make sure you do it right.

Because “martial” always comes first.

“Nothing is more harmful to the world than a martial art that is not effective in actual self-defense.”
– Choki Motobu (1870-1944)

3. Rich Heritage/Culture

Lastly, here’s one of my favorite aspects of Karate.

The culture. The language. The history. The philosophy. The people.

Sure, I love physical training. But if that’s all there is, I would probably have quit a long time ago.

You see, I’m a Karate Nerd™ – I want need more than just “punching and kicking” in a pajama.

I need a deeper connection.

That’s why Karate is so beautiful.

It’s literally the brain surgery of martial arts.

You will never fully learn everything there is to learn about Karate. The minute you open a proverbial door of knowledge, ten more doors appear. Although this can seem scary or daunting to some people, it’s the opposite for me: It makes me even thirstier for more knowledge about various old masters, concepts, Japanese words, philosophies and historical gems out there.

Karate comes from a vastly different social setting and cultural context than you and me.

That’s the last reason to why I think Karate is the “best” martial art in the world.

Because it’s the best

For me.

And – at the end of the day – that’s all that matters.

“Karate-do is a lifetime study.”

– Mabuni Kenwa (1889-1952)

written by, Jesse Enkamp

How to Always Look Good in Your Karate Uniform by Jesse Enkamp

A pear.

A watermelon.

An apple.

The ways people look in their Karate gi can often be compared to a fruit.


And I ain’t got nothing against fruit. I love fruit.

However, when you want to look friggidy fresh in your gi, the last thing you want to be compared to is a fruit sallad!

Although none of us will ever attain the swag of The King himself, reading this article will definitely get you closer – even without the peanut butter/bacon/banana sandwiches.


Today I’m giving you another secret.

The secret to always looking awesome in your Karate uniform.

(Because, believe me, there’s much more to it than just putting it on!)

But hold on.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Jesse-san, why are you so shallow? Who cares how I “look” in my gi?”


But also false.

See, we’re humans. We have an ego. We have emotions. We have a dark side.

Put bluntly; we like to look good!

Like a wise man once said: “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.”

So, unless you’ve successfully Karate-chopped your way to egoless enlightenment already, it’s nice to occasionally look good in the dojo. Especially if you dislike the idea of looking like the spiritual reincarnation of a pear.


Follow along, as my loyal slav… uh, sempai Elin shows you how to wear your gi – for ultimate comfort, practicality and sexiness. Right here, right now.

Check it out:

Step #1: Put on the gi

1Put on the gi, as you always do.

Here is where most regular people would stop.

But not us.

Step #2: Fix the right side

2Cross your left arm over, holding down your belt, and then raise your right arm.

This will pull some of the jacket above the belt, which means you’ll prevent the gi from restricting your techniques (and buff you up).

Step #3: Fix the left side

3Do just like we did on the right side, but reverse. Cross your right arm over, holding down your belt, and then raise your left arm.

You will feel weird for a sec, but don’t worry. It’s gonna look awesome.

Step #4: Bend forward

4Grab ahold of your belt behind you.

Then bend forward, to strech the jacket in the back.

Step #5: Bend back

5Now hold your belt firmly in front, and lean back.

This is the last step to stretch/pull your gi jacket above the belt.

Step #6: Fix the details

6Lastly, add some finishing touches by pulling here and there to make sure everything is symmetrical and nice.

Step #7: Look like a frickin’ boss/princess


That concludes this quick and effective guide to looking awesome in your gi.

How did it work for ya?

Of course, “looking good” isn’t everything. But like I said in the beginning, it will truly make a difference if you do it right – especially when it comes to comfort, self-perception and confidence.


If you have a weird gi, it’s almost impossible to look good!

So make sure you get a good g

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