The Blue-eyed Samurai – Nicholas Pettas

The Martial Way

For the past week I’ve been vacationing on a beach in Mexico with my family. A vacation meant to relax, which it has been, but I couldn’t stop working out either. With all the food I could eat, a gym and sauna, plus running, it has been pretty awesome. On top of that, I was reading Blue Eyed Samurai: 1000 Days Inside the Lions Den, by Nicholas Pettas. It truly was inspirational and a must read for not only Kyokushin students, but anyone who is interested in what it must be like to live and breath martial arts as a foreigner in Japan.

Nicholas Pettas was the last uchi deshi (live-in student) of Sosai Oyama Masutatsu, the founder of Kyokushinkai. From Denmark, Nicholas made the journey to Japan at the age of 18, to spend three years in the arduous life of an uchi deshi.
Nicholas Pettas in Dojo1You learn…

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