I began training in the original Dojo here in Brooklyn run by Master Tadashi Nakamura. I began training in Karate to defend myself from my brother who was training at that time. My first impression of kyokushin came when I joined the dojo, and having trained in shotokan i thought I could hang with the students there. I found out fast that I couldn’t as I was knocked out by a brown belt. I thought to myself, if they could do that to me, I could learn this as well..and I became a kyokushin full time student. I believe there are two separate things as far as training goes. One is full contact fighting which has rules and then real street type fighting in which there are none. One has to be prepared to throw away the rules when engaged in a real fight and the skills needed to defeat an opponent should reflect the change in attitude. My greatest success was to become the 1st American/African American to win a 1st place position in Japan fighting kyokushin Knockdown. To succeed one has to always persevere through hardships and challenges..to never give up…The spirit of OSU! Martial Arts in real situations depends on the practitioner..if they train for a real situation Martial Arts are very effective. The thing I have found is that people think because of martial Arts we are invincible, this is not true. We are skilled in being able to survive an attack compared to the untrained person, but we must understand that we can still be hurt. But we have a better chance of making it out alive.

Well Sosai Oyama always believed in Following Musashi’s Go rin no sho as a large part of developing Kyokushin Karate. In the Go rin no sho Musushi states that one must know all ways. I believe that all aspects of budo are important. Mas Oyama was also a Jujutsu ranked Black belt and Grappling, throwing is a part of Kyokushin Karate, but it is not practiced by all the “New” practitioners. The older Budoka still practice all of the art of Kyokushin, which has all aspects of self defense with-in it. I teach what I know, Judo, Jujutsu, etc…I feel any art has to grow as time changes, t makes the art grow stronger. MMA is something I watch as this is the new way that can be used effectively in the street in certain circumstances. But by knowing all ways, the budoka can be equipped to deal with any situation that arises..OSU! Just my humble thoughts…Osu!



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