Source by One World One Kyokushin

Miyuki Miura was the seventh of those who decided to test 100 fights.

 Before there were only 6 people in the world have been able to do it.

To pass the exam in 100 battles you need three essential qualities: strength, strength of mind, deep knowledge. The conditions necessary to successfully pass through this venture.

 After the Miura won the championship at the All Japan Open in 1972, Oyama said, “Come on, try a hundred battles.” At that time he could not answer that nothing other than “Osu”. “But what if you carry it fail? will be some time before I forget the shame. “

Test 100 kumite took place April 13, 1973. During the test, Miura weighed 75 kg with an increase of 180 cm.

 He duel among others with a fighter of similar class Atlanta Sato (winner of the first World Cup). Sato was known for incredible battles. 

too ruthless Royama almost led Miura unconscious. But this is only a test adorned with 100 kumite.

 Miura said that a few hours after the test, his whole body was very swollen. He could dip your toe in almost any part of the body. He also said that two days could not independently use the bathroom and had to ask for help, because his body was completely twisted.

 Two weeks after a successful test in 100 battles Miura went to America. He stayed there, having found support from Shigeru Oyama. Miyuki Miura had a great influence on the development of Kyokushin in the United States. Until now lives and trains in the USA.


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