Forging Your Virtues

Source by The Martial Way

The Martial Way

Last night’s class was the first after my return from vacation, and it was hard! I was certainly glad that I continued exercising and running while in Mexico, as I think it would have been much worse without it. Without giving away Fogarasi Sensei’s secrets, that man knows how to motivate and train his students. Osu!

The class was tough and much of the focus was on upper body. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many pushups, punches, rounds, etc. were performed. A very intense evening. Enough to make your arms feel like jelly.

The focus seemed to be not only on the physical, but also the mental, or spirit. Driving past what you think you are capable of as a human. Just when you think you can’t do any more, Sensei yells to not put your feet down, or 10 more seconds, to push through, use your

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