CTT 8930

ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC), Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization, wowed the sold-out crowd in attendance at the iconic Stadium Negara with ONE FC: WAR OF NATIONS. Fans were treated to a night of unforgettable mixed martial arts action, culminating in Nobutatsu Suzuki being crowned the inaugural ONE FC Welterweight World Champion.

Larson quickly asserted his wrestling credentials by taking Suzuki down and landing several elbows in the first round. Suzuki enjoyed success with his accurate knees in the second round that had Larson scrambling for a takedown. The third round was fairly tentative, with Suzuki attempting several knee strikes while Larson tried in vain to get a takedown. Suzuki continued landing strikes to Larson’s midsection in the fourth and fifth rounds, prompting Larson to tempt Suzuki to compete with him on the ground. A disinterested Suzuki allowed Larson to stand back up on numerous occasions, only to continue dishing out significant strikes to Larson’s midsection. The judges awarded Suzuki the Unanimous Decision victory, bestowing upon him the honor of being the inaugural ONE FC Welterweight World Champion.

Photo and story courtesy of ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC)


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