Hiroki Kurosawa – low kicks after the attack hands.


Who does not know the low kicks, which are a specialty Hiroki Kurosawa, this does not know what is the true essence of Kyokushin. Kurosawa – legendary athlete, he fought like a machineUsing the strongest blows. When measuring his kicks on a special device, the force reached 1,420 kg. However, to make use of them, he had yet to know when and how to use your most powerful weapon.We present the secrets of power Hiroki Kurosawa.

Hiroki Kurosawa. The technique of hand.


Short distance, left shita tsuki (1), a powerful right straight spacer (2), cross left mawashi geri gedan (3). Right simply has to be strong enough that the enemy was in a comfortable distance to the task of powerful kicks.


Refutation oi-tsuki (hand in front) to stop an opponent (1-2), strong left spacer (3) and attack mawashi geri gedan (5-6). For an attack to be more unpredictable, you can ask a kick to the hip stem.


Standard stroke several times in the chest – oi tsuki (1-2) (jump while hitting oi), Gyaku tsuki (3) spacer, a change in position (left leg back) (4) mawashi geri and attack gedan (5)



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