A compilation of one of the most beautiful/dangerous kicks being used effectively in Full-Contact Karate, Kickboxing and MMA.
Aside from the Spinning Hook Kick, this one in particular led me to many knockouts.

The reason this kick is so powerful and the cause of sick knockouts is because it puts the user’s whole weight into a solid strike.
The two main variations are the Front Roll (Tate Kaiten) and the Side Roll (Yoko Kaiten):
– The front roll is safer, makes you stand up while rolling and works like an Axe Kick.
– The side roll is more risky and only a select few people are capable of doing it properly in the air, but is extremely powerful and acts almost like an overpowered Spinning Hook Kick.

Wherever it hits, it will ALWAYS stagger the opponent.
The main flaw of this kick is when it doesn’t connect, as the sideways version of it puts your back flat on the ground, making you vulnerable in non-stand up bouts.

video by Strider Hien ( YouTube)


The Power of Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri (Kyokushin Wheel Kick – 胴回し回転蹴り) by

2 thoughts on “The Power of Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri (Kyokushin Wheel Kick – 胴回し回転蹴り) by

  1. I still believe the Kyokushin Wheel kick has to be one of the most powerful kicks in martial arts. It’s so effective that many styles have adopted it into their training. One of the pro’s of the technique is that you have no need to change any part of martial art style to deploy it. I do believe it was once adopted into taekwondo but was then removed from competition and many training regimes due to it’s force and the sheer violent and dangerous/devastating nature of the technique. I do know that it has been adopted into Muay Thai and across many MMA clubs, always taught as the Kyokushin Wheel kick, and has been referred to as “Rain from hell” by some fighters on the receiving end of it.
    I use the technique myself and I have faith in the use of it, although it’s a risky move when you’re in the game. Thanks for uploading the Video and the explanation is perfect!!!

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