Improving your Focus and Concentration by Shihan Howard Collins

Improving your Focus and Concentration

When I was preparing for a competition big or small I would sit down and write a training routine for myself. I would have a time schedule, what must be done in a certain time, how many exercises etc. whatever was necessary. Then whenever I trained I would try to improve. Sometimes it would be a particular skill, other times I needed to improve my stamina, I set goals for myself and focused on them.

How should you improve your focus? Give your self a training routine which can be done daily or on those days you may have that important meeting.

•Mental routine

•What do you want to achieve

•How to achieve it

•Do not allow other thoughts to cloud your aim

•Prohibit thoughts that are not relevant

•You find your self day dreaming

If you have read the definitions of focus and concentration at the beginning of my home page you will see that there is a thin line between them, in a way they need each other. Focus is what you are doing now, reading this for example. Although we can focus on what we want to do, our goals, plans etc. they are not happening now. Concentrating is what you are doing now in order to achieve something, to put aside thoughts and feelings that disturb you concentrating on what you are focusing to do.

Mental routine Start a mental routine, before you enter that important meeting check that you have everything you need, notes, paper etc. Go through your presentation or whatever it is you must do in your head, trying to look for all the problems you may have.

What do you want to achieve Have it clear in your head what it is you want.

How to achieve it If you have gone through one and two you will have the answer, preparation is the answer. “When you are prepared for a thing, the opportunity to use it presents itself.”  Edgar Cayce 1877-1945

Do not allow other thoughts to cloud your aim If there is anything else you must do that day, then think about it and put it to one side keep focused on what you have to do.

Prohibit thoughts that are not relevant This covers all other situations, clear your mind of all distracting thoughts.

Daydreaming When you find yourself daydreaming make a note of it, you should always carry a pen and notepad. Write down what you were thinking about and what you should have been thinking about or doing. People will look at you strange but by writing things down as they happen will help you remember those moments more clearly.


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