A Karate Kid With A Dedication by SHARMILA RAO

Vishnu Murali with Honorable Sensei Nima received his 1st Degree Black Belt from Enshin Karate,Vienna,VA


Vishnu K. Murali is a 7th grader Honor Roll Student at Thoreau MS, Vienna, VA. He started practicing martial arts from the young age of 4 years specially Karate. He worked hard over these years and by the age 12 he is a first degree black belt. He practices his Karate at Enshin Karate, Vienna Dojo under the leadership guidance of Sensei Ruby and Sensei Nima. Sensei Nima is founder of Enshin Karate in Virginia. Every year they organize US Sabaki Challenge Enshin Karate tournaments, Vishnu never missed any tournament, actively takes part in this challenging tournament. Vishnu says, “It is never about winning but it is about gaining knowledge and learning.” He is very dedicated, focused, hardworking, disciplined, punctual and very obedient student at Thoreau Middle School and Enshin Karate Dojo. He wanted to get his Black Belt by beginning of his 7th Grade and he accomplished his achievement. Vishnu is also Boy Scout with BSA Troop 1978, working towards his Eagle Rank, he doesn’t want to drag until 18 years, he has almost completed all Merit Badge requirements which are required to be an Eagle Scout. He is one step further to become an Eagle Scout. Last summer he attended Enshin Karate Summer Camps, earned his 200 hours of service project hours, teaching all young martial students at his Enshin Vienna Dojo. His ambition and goal is to serve our Country. His hobby is playing Soccer, Reading, Writing. All this dedication and focus comes from his parents upbringing. He has been taught family and human values right when he was very young. His leadership qualities had helped him plan his future better. Vishnu received his Black Belt from Honorable Sensei Nima, founder of Enshin Karate, Virginia. Enjoy below link posted in youtube


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