Ten Thousand Days

The Martial Way

Repetition. Drilling. Basics. Kihon. I have said it before, I know there are some who are bored or dread this type of work, but I love it and live for it. I know this is the type of work that will save me and make me a better karateka.

I have heard the stories o463665_10151653418389644_1881016538_of how the training was back in the day. Both in Japan and Europe, and even North America to some degree. How much tougher it was. Hardcore. Students being physically disciplined. I am on the fence around this. While I agree with the discipline, I don’t believe humiliation serves any purpose other than to beat someone down. That being said, I do believe very strongly in self-discipline and hard training. If someone isn’t giving it their all, or not at the level that should be performing, I don’t see anything wrong with being called…

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