Tariel Nikoleishivili~ “100-MAN-KUMITE”

April 26 (Sat), hundred hand duo 10th World Congress winner Tarieru-Nikorashivu~iri (Russia) has been carried out at headquarters under the direct control of Ebisu Dojo. Sent a loud cheers to Tarieru foreigners who came to Japan for an international friendly tournament a week ago came to the rescue and many also received a lot of attention partly because of hundred threesome hand challenge by active world champion for the first time ever.
Is the 50th anniversary of “Kyokushin Kaikan founding, April 26 which falls on the anniversary of the president just so happens and this year, 20 years Oyama times our president passed away from Matsui AkiraKei director before the opponent of hundred people and challenger Tarieru at 13 making a hundred duo hand which is said to be austere discipline of Kyokushin up to is that it is a very significant. this hundred Threesome hand you decided victory or defeat is not a hundred game. to clean Kumite and the exchange of skills firm There is a greeting to mind, and “Please do hundred duo hand that fulfilling, Kumite and Makoto Akashi is the opponent of one person has started to 13:10.
Hundred threesome hand this time in a manner that the referee alternates 25 people, first from 76 Hitoshi Kiyama Shihan glance, until the last 75 Sugimura glance OIchiro Normal, from 51 to 50 a glance glance Kamio Nobuyuki Normal, from 26 a glance 100 luxurious lineup glance that Francisco Firi~o teacher. Early was Tarieru looked hardness of the movement, but the lower leg rest thrust is determined by the high pace, began to mark the Yuseigachi and ippon victory together smoothly but past 25 people.
But, I came to be seen many scenes that fatigue seems a little past the 50 people, are sensitive, so the moment defeat for the first time in 57 public eye, got keep the opponent’s attack.
Last 100 person who received the cheers and applause from the opponent to play against the 45th All Japan champion Ajima Kyohei branch chief venue was Nii, also stakeholders,. Tarieru end in response to encouragement of many people, such as feeding the upper kick or kick before turning torso rotation to summon up the force of mortality from the rally was incandescent. Became a hundred threesome hand who completed nine glance splendid history.
Tarieru finishing the toughest challenge, said with a smile that fulfilling “to challenge the impossible is very hand vacuum. Challenge this is my life” he said.

■ Tarieru Nikorashivu~iri hundred-hand record threesome
13:10 Kumite start time
16:31 Kumite end time
21 minutes 3 ​​hours from start to finish
ippon victory and 21 ippon victory together
30 Yuseigachi wazaari
Yuseigachi 13
draw 27
defeat nine


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