Discovering Myself Through Kyokushin

The Martial Way

We had testing on Friday night, which was physically demanding. I am still feeling the aftereffects of the conditioning. Yesterday I had my private class with Fogarasi Sensei. We worked one simple combination, with the focus on power and making it second nature.
Contact Kicks
As I have written about before on here, I am fast and I have great reflexes, especially for my age, but I have been lacking striking power. Sensei has been working with me on this. To be less “snappy” and deliver through the strikes.

This has been really difficult for me, but finally yesterday I seemed to be making progress. One thing that changed it for me was Sensei explaining that in a full-contact match, with a really conditioned fighter, that type of striking is going to have little effect. So, with each strike, you are also trying to gain distance and the strike has a…

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