Are you a black belt?? do you know how to fall without hurting yourself or hitting your head on the ground? You do? great, do you teach that to your students? Not yet? so what are you waiting for?

Let’s talk about Traumatic Brain Injury or TBS, you brain moves inside the skull and when you hit your head or get a kick/punch your brain hits the inside wall of your skull, this can cause TBS, even if you are wearing a helmet because your head absorbs the shock and since your brain floats in liquid it absorbs that shock as well.

In sparring you need to teach your students to cover up, to protect the head. In a tournament your opponent will not care at all, so most of the time they won’t control the power on the kick, they want to get that point at all cost. But if the student falls and his instructor has not taught him to properly fall without hitting his head…then that creates a problem.

Every instructor should teach their students how to fall without getting hurt, protecting their head and spine. If your instructor does not do this then sooner or later one of his students will have an accident that could have been prevented by just spending time learning how to fall.

Please watch this video that is perfect and explains everything, this applies to all martial arts.


Martial Arts Brain Damage and TBS repost from

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