Changing Your Brain Through Kyokushin

The Martial Way

Neuroplasticity. Probably not a word that you hear in conjunction with Kyokushin, but that is what last night’s lesson was.

The class was focused on kicks and knees, with the counter block and strike. Beginning with partner pad drills up and down the dojo floor, culminating with partner work.

In the partner drills, without pads, one person delivers a front kick, and the other would block, reposition and counter. Fogarasi Sensei explains that this is reminiscent of Sabaki and Enshin Karate.

In the example of the mae geri, the defender parry’s the kick with his left, avoids the attack by stepping to the right, ‘moving off the line’ of attack, such that the receiver of the attack ends up in an advantageous position and the attacker is not. The defender can either grab the leg and sweep the other, or just parry the kick and counterattack.
Mae Geri

We practiced this drills…

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