This video I will be going over the basic knee strike and the Muay Thai Clinch.
Knee Strike Breakdown:
From your fighting stance you’re going to bring your back knee up leading with the point going towards your target. As you do this you need to do 3 things:
Thrust your hips
Arch your back
Keep your guard up
Muay Thai Clinch Breakdown:
You can either grab behind the head or behind the neck. Either way you need to make sure you DO NOT interlock your fingers or use your thumbs. And make sure your elbows are in tight for a secure grip on their neck.
Now you can control their body and direct them into your knee strikes.


Knee Strike Tutorial

One thought on “Knee Strike Tutorial

  1. Nice video I would just add about turning on the supporting leg to increase reach of the knee kick. As you can see on video, when she kicks there is big turn of standing foot outwards. Regards Les

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