Fight Night

The Martial Way

Contact Kicks DojoFriday night was fight night and it was awesome! Interestingly, I was contemplating not going to the Dojo, because Prostatitis was acting up and I wanted my concentration for class, as things happen fast I didn’t want to be injured because I was distracted by pain. I decided to go anyway and it turned out to be my best fighting experience yet!

Before Kumite we went through conditioning and drills. One of the drills was super interesting. Sensei Fogarasi had us pair up with a partner and take turns pursuing and retreating. After a couple of rounds, one partner would pursue and the other counter with a punch/tsuki, and then switch after a round. It then moved to two strikes with the other pursuing, and so on and so on. Each time a strike would be added, including kicks, and blocks, until it became free form with…

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