Slow Down

The Martial Way

Last night’s class at Contact Kicks Dojo was a dizzying experience, in the good way. Most of the evening was concentrating on spinning kicks, like Ushiro Mawashi Geri, Ushiro Ura Mawashi Geri, etc. As I have mentioned before, Fogarasi Sensei‘s attention to detail is impeccable and he was working with us on each movement, from the smallest to the largest. I really enjoyed it, though I am most definitely more comfortable in my dominate right leg. I might not ever get as ushiro mawashi gericomfortable in my left leg, but I like to try, as I believe it will help my over all coordination.

We begin individually but soon move to partner drills. There is some hesitation from me, as I am not confident of my abilities yet, and I have concern that I will kick my partner outside of the padded area he is holding. After a while I gain some confidence…

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