Interview with Cynthia Ballesteros, Kyokushin Karate-ka and Survivor!

The Martial Way

As most know, I am bit of a kyokushin fanatic as well as always searching for inspiring stories. I was doing just that one evening when I came across a post that combined both, by Kyokushin Karate-ka Cynthia Ballesteros. The post said: First Karate class tonight at my dojo CKP – Centre de Karate Perez after an 8 month ‘pause’ to battle Cancer. It’s good to be back! I felt normal again. Now it’s time to get my ass in gear and train my heart, body & soul the way Sosai Mas Oyama intended his students to do! OSU! #Kyokushin #Karate #ConquerCancer It was just so inspiring and I had to contact her. Cynthia was kind enough to allow me to interview her. Please enjoy and be as inspired as I am. Osu! Cynthia Ballesteros

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My name is Cynthia Ballesteros and I am…

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