Relaxed Kime

The Martial Way

We had a very traditional class last night at Contact Kicks Dojo, focusing on kihon and the basics. Sensei Fogarasi took us through hundreds of strikes, blocks and kicks. Lined up in the heat of the summer, it doesn’t take us long to warm up. The sounds of kia’s blasting from our lungs and echoing within the dojo. All of us in unison, giving our all. A magnificent sight to behold in any traditional dojo.

I try to give it my all, while watching form and technique. I watch Sensei from the corner of my eye, trying to emulate his movements. I remember the videos I have seen of Sosai Oyama leading students it similar fashion and it also inspires me to strike with spirit and kime.

IFK World Championship Kata 2014 IFK World Championship Kata 2014, photo by Dave Geentjens

Sensei Fogarasi makes an important observation and lesson to us. To make sure…

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