Russian Uchi Deshi in Japan

The Martial Way

Originally posted on the Kyokushin Portal and republished here in English with permission.

“Uchi deshi does what others can not or are afraid.” Victor Kurylenko and Ivan Kungurov share their impressions (Rengokai)

In Japan, the uchi deshi – called live-in disciple, live in the house of the teacher (sensei) or at the dojo.
Besides completing the course, the responsibility of the uchi deshi includes the execution of all chores in the home (cleaning, washing items, his sensei, and so on). The teacher, in turn, provides his uchi deshi food and clothing.
Now uchi deshi can even call a student who does not live in the teacher’s home or in the dojo, but he performs the duties of an uchi deshi in full.

In the very first Kyokushin uchi deshi was Bobby Lowe (Bobby Lowe). These uchi deshi became known as Wakajishi, or the “Young Lions” of Mas Oyama.

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