Vladimir Putin has been awarded an 8th dan ?

It has been reported that Vladimir Putin has been awarded Hachidan ( 8th dan) in Kyokushin karate. This decision was made some time ago as early as Oct 1st of this year, but was announced on Friday when the Russia Federation received a letter from the Kancho Hatsuo Royama of the Kyokushin-Kan International .All in all, getting to Hachidan can take up to 40 more years of training and following of the Kyokushin Way.However this award is an honorary rank  as a statement to his contribution to the martial arts in Russia. But this is not his first 8th dan award. he has an high ranking award in Judo. IJF president Marius Vizer said in a statement: “Being the Honorary President of the IJF, an Emeritus and recognized Judoka, and having the stature of the Head of State of a pre-eminent country, Vladimir Putin is the perfect ambassador for our sport.Putin has also has a earned 6th dan in Judo, his fifth dan in kyokushin in 2001 and his seventh in 2009 before reaching the eighth this year. He also has be awarded high ranking levels in other martial arts. Lets not forget he is only 62 years of age and he is a huge supporter of the martial arts. In 2008, the Russian president released an instructional video, titled “Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin,” in which he shared his favorite judo techniques.

Why the rank Hachidan?

Many schools, public and private, recognize individuals who make notable contributions to society by awarding them honorary doctorate degrees. Distinguished philanthropists, musicians, politicians, authors and scientists often receive acknowledgment for their exemplary accomplishments and achievements that serve a greater good.Beneficiaries of the prized degree may use the title of ‘Doctor’ that the degree confers, although they have not completed a doctoral program. So when you think about a university awarding someone a honorary doctorate degree, we can say that a 8th dan honorary  would be its equivalent.Putin is expected to receive his award at a ceremony in December during the world championship. So we say Osu! to Shihan Vladimir Putin.







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