Strength and Movement for MMA by Brian Fernie

The word strength sends panic and fear into many an athlete and conjures up the stereotypical pumped up steroid junkie or strongman athlete.

This is far from what strength and conditioning really means and various people have quoted what it means, however lets break each of the two elements down

Strength or absolute strength–is the greatest amount of total force anyone individual can generate

Conditioning– can best be described as the specific demands of the sport which in turn refers to the S.A.I.D principal Specific adaptations to imposed demands

So what is movement ?

quite simply

Movement – The ability to move the body through the pillars of movement in a multi directional plane

It is important that you as a fighter understand the needs of strength in your movement patterns, this will ensure that you are prepared for any situation thrown at you.

Let’s have a quick look at the five pillars of functional human movement which is a natural thing for anyone.

Pull – the ability to pull something towards yourself
Push – the ability to push something away from you
Level change – squats, get ups, get downs, drop,
Locomotion – crawl, walk, run, swim
Rotation- swing, strike (any form of twisting action)

In order to achieve greater strength in movement of any type we need to add a variable such as a weight to ensure that we have some form of resistance to work against

We have found a sandbag is one of the best counter balance for promoting strength and movement functionally.

Sandbags come in various forms and have a variety of names and range in prices and weights.

Bison bags
X bags
Battle bags
Bulgarian bags
DVRT sandbags

1. Clean and press 2.over head squat
3. Rotational lunges 4. snatches
5. Slams 6. Squat jumps
7. Bent over row 8. anyhow get ups

Try the exercises along with a power matrix set which will add in power endurance to the workout.

Brian is a well respected coach, Master Trainer (BWK), Sports conditioning coach and MMA CSCC and educator within the fitness industry, he has trained everyone from busy mums to professional and elite athletes covering a wide variety of sports from running, football to MMA and more.

A former soldier, police officer, security contractor and a reasonable level athlete himself he understands the need for straight forward thinking and talking when it comes to delivering results, he has been involved in martial arts for a number of years from traditional karate to kickboxing.
His approach to training has seen a huge client base of athletes and celebrities stay with him for years,

he is the author of numerous articles which have been published in leading magazines and has written numerous books on fitness related matters.

Check out his other published books

Run Coach (can be read as a stand alone book covering all aspects of running, specifically written to accompany the certified Run Coach course run by Brian) available on Kindle for Amazon

Kettlebell Instructor (can be read as a stand alone book for all levels, specifically written for the certified Kettlebell instructor course run by Brian ) available on Kindle for Amazon

Pre-hab for athletes – using tried and tested techniques this book covers prehabilitation utilising everyday balls such as Tennis, squash and golf balls for all levels of fitness. Available on Kindle for Amazon. (Soon)

Centurion Fit- bodyweight warrior workouts for combat sports available direct from the author

Fitness fast- a book covering all levels of fitness and giving nutrition advice and detailed sessions. Available on kindle for Amazon (February 2015)

visit his websites


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