Introducing Brian Fernie to the OSU! MAGAZINE Team

OSU! MAGAZINE would like to introduce Brian Fernie to the blog team.

Brian is a well respected coach, Master Trainer (BWK), Sports conditioning coach and MMA CSCC and educator within the fitness industry, he has trained everyone from busy mums to professional and elite athletes covering a wide variety of sports from running, football to MMA and more.

A former soldier, police officer, security contractor and a reasonable level athlete himself he understands the need for straight forward thinking and talking when it comes to delivering results, he has been involved in martial arts for a number of years from traditional karate to kickboxing.
His approach to training has seen a huge client base of athletes and celebrities stay with him for years,

he is the author of numerous articles which have been published in leading magazines and has written numerous books on fitness related matters.

Check out his other published books:

Run Coach (can be read as a stand alone book covering all aspects of running, specifically written to accompany the certified Run Coach course run by Brian) available on Kindle for Amazon

Kettlebell Instructor (can be read as a stand alone book for all levels, specifically written for the certified Kettlebell instructor course run by Brian ) available on Kindle for Amazon

Pre-hab for athletes – using tried and tested techniques this book covers prehabilitation utilising everyday balls such as Tennis, squash and golf balls for all levels of fitness. Available on Kindle for Amazon. (Soon)

Centurion Fit bodyweight warrior workouts for combat sports available direct from the author

Fitness fast– a book covering all levels of fitness and giving nutrition advice and detailed sessions. Available on kindle for Amazon (February 2015)

visit his websites:


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