Introducing Paige Etheridge to the OSU! MAGAZINE Team !

OSU! MAGAZINE would like to introduce Paige Etheridge to the OSU!MAGAZINE team.Paige saw a Martial Arts commercial when she was a kid and instantly wanted to be a black belt. Her mother brought her to a Villari’s dojo and she was hooked. She achieved black belt after five and half years of training in this mixed system before MMA became popular. The day she earned it was the most painful but empowering day of her life. She trained in U.S. Goju, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, and a few other systems . Now she wants to give back to the community that gave her strength to say no to nay sayers, defend herself as well as those she loves, and chase her dreams.


The Myth of PEDs

Substance abuse leads to broken spirits. Anderson Silva failed both his pre-fight and post-fight drug tests. Fans of “The Spider” heart’s shattered as they watched their hero’s continued downfall. But this theme is far from new. Professional Martial Arts has been tainted by PEDS for some time now. It’s just Silva’s unveiled drug use, being the super star he was, hit the problem closer to home. Now the question is, will this be a repeating problem in the fighting sports?

In times past, society looked up to mythical heroes like Achilles and Odysseus. While they had personality flaws, physically they were nearly perfectly; their athletic feats still impossible by today’s standards. There were no PEDs in these stories, just natural ability and help from the gods.


In the modern days, society still look for heroes but rarely in myth. Now, these heroes are real life celebrities and athletes. Fans cream athletes for their physical and personal imperfections; despite that the athlete is often closer to perfection than the fan. Yet these physical performers still strive for more whether for their fans, themselves, or both. Training better is the obvious answer but that’s never enough; training doesn’t give someone that extra pizazz. So some athletes have turned to drugs hoping to get the edge they crave.

In mythical stories, heroes would be overcome by the influence of the gods, thus performing amazing feats and tackling seemingly unmountable physical tasks. We can almost say this is the purpose of PEDs for athletes; to become possessed by a larger power in order to fight better.


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Should Martial Artists be turning to a higher power instead? Many athletes already do, since the sport at it’s very core is highly spiritual. Turning to a grander force is guilt free with no negative side effects. There’s no health consequences and no honor is lost.

However, there’s another way to look at it.

Fighters win fights when they channel the spirit which binds all through trusting themselves. Again, in the ancient stories of battles and warriors, there were no PEDS. These heroes were able to achieve amazing things through tuning to this higher powers through themselves. They trusted they could do these things and thus achieved them. There was never any doubt for them in that regard; even without the gods’ blessing. That’s a better edge than any drug can give you. While these stories are fictional they show this truth; it’s a myth that athletes need PEDs to be great. Many Martial Artists have won their battles through their faith in themselves. No drug will ever guarantee a win in the ring, but self trust will.

by Paige Etheridge

Suspension Training by Brian Fernie

Once thought of as just a set of Olympic rings for gymnist, suspension training has seen a huge demand recently especially amongest fighters.

Suspension systems are not new, they are not for the elite, with a bit of practice they can be mastered. There are various types of suspension systems around; my team have been using one format or another since 2005 to great success both with fighters and members.
You are probably asking what is suspension training and who can or how do I use it?

The modern term suspension training is coined from the company Fitness Anywhere who invented the TRX (Randy Hetrick a former US Navy seal is considered the originator of the TRX)however as we mentioned suspension training in the form of rope training and gymnastic rings have been around for 100’s of years.

Suspension training is a form of resistance training that also includes bodyweight exercises where the body is moved through a variety of multi-planar, compound exercises,. The aim is to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.

Suspension training does require a general level of fitness for anyone wishing to use and progress safely with these systems, as there is pressure placed on stabilizing muscle groups which tend to be ignored by the public in general.
Is suspension training good for fighters, YES! As a fighter suspension training should be incorporated into your training programme on a regular basis. Benefits of this type of training include

1. Improved coordination
2. Improved balance
3. Improved muscular strength
4. Improved muscular endurance10377432_10204787368299065_4004631278981932102_n

5. Improved plyometrics
6. Improved power
7. Increase in energy levels
8. Improved flexibility
9. Improved body composition
10. Improved stability

What more could you ask for from one piece of equipment.
On the market you will find many different variations of suspension systems, the difficulty is in knowing which one is best for your needs.

Price wise there is not much difference between each of them, below is the three main types used at T.O.D Combat
Air Fit Trainer- possibly the best suspension system on the market, the easy to use sling straps allow for various level and body position changes without your hands or feet leaving the slings. The slings allow for kicks, punches, knees, clinches, throws, holds, core work, lateral, rotational movements and much more….. down side needs 10f height clearance for proper use. Suited for all types of user.

War Machine- popularized by crossfit users around the world, the war machine is another great system which allows for a full body functional workout, downside is that you need further attachments for certain types of work such as clinches, throws etc. this system is best suited for intermediate to advanced users.

TRX- another good system this time on a fixed mount whereas the others are on rational mounts. The TRX allows for a full body workout but is limited for stability and rotational usage owing to the fixed mount. The straps limit usage to certain foot sizes, 11 and above may struggle to use the straps, however the newer versions are supposed to have increased strap sizes to allow for bigger feet.


Try out the following basic circuits on each of the systems; ensure an adequate warm up is completed prior to the start of any training.

Air Trainer
Met Con circuit 5 minute round 30 seconds on 15 rest, AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
1. Suspended GI rows
2. Squats
3. Crucifix press up
4. Single leg squat jumps
5. Knee tucks
6. Hamstring curls
7. Skiers
8. Hello dolly’s

Repeat as desired

War Machine

Ton up- 10 reps of each exercise= 100 reps 1 minute rest after the set is complete, then repeat
1. Chest press
2. Chest press with rotation
3. Power thrust
4. Power thrust and rotation
5. Inverted chest press
6. Flutter kicks
7. Suspended Crunch
8. Donkey Kick
9. Hanging climbers
10. Pull Ups (locked mode)

Repeat sets as desired

Tabbatta circuit- 4 minute round, 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest.
1. One leg burpees to jab cross (r)
2. Inverted v sits
3. One leg burpee to jab cross (l)
4. Seesaws
5. Single leg lunge to knee strike (r)
6. Stir the pot
7. Single leg lunge to knee strike (l)
8. Suspended hand clap press ups

Repeat sets as desired


Some words from Tsukamoto Sensei 塚本徳臣


When we reflect and fell down, the clouds around our hearts disappear.
When we trained too much and are in pain, we discover new techniques.
When we have muscle pain, our muscles are becoming bigger.

When ever we are growing, we are hurting in many ways. But it’s because we are hurting and suffering that we grow!


It’s not about what you did.
It’s about FOR what you did it.
For what.


Not people living their lives like looking down from a gentle slope.
But people who have decided to continue climbing a steep cliff through their lifetimes. This kind of people I want to produce in my dojo.


Pictures by Kazuo Fukuchi

Collages by me

Norichika Tsukamoto 塚本徳臣 official profiles inFacebook & Twitter 

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