Some words from Tsukamoto Sensei 塚本徳臣


When we reflect and fell down, the clouds around our hearts disappear.
When we trained too much and are in pain, we discover new techniques.
When we have muscle pain, our muscles are becoming bigger.

When ever we are growing, we are hurting in many ways. But it’s because we are hurting and suffering that we grow!


It’s not about what you did.
It’s about FOR what you did it.
For what.


Not people living their lives like looking down from a gentle slope.
But people who have decided to continue climbing a steep cliff through their lifetimes. This kind of people I want to produce in my dojo.


Pictures by Kazuo Fukuchi

Collages by me

Norichika Tsukamoto 塚本徳臣 official profiles inFacebook & Twitter 

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