The UFC Light heavyweight champ Jon “BONES” Jones has been stripped of his title this week because he has been accused of leaving the scene of and accident. Jones was sought as a “person of interest” in the hit-and-run accident, but the Albuquerque police eventually upgraded him to a suspect before issuing a warrant for his arrest on felony charges for leaving the scene of an accident. Jones eventually surrendered to police on Monday before being released on $2,500 bond  as reported by Damon Martin of FOX SPORTS.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement on Tuesday night when he met with the champ to discuss the details of the allegations before the decision was made. White said he finally spoke to Jones on Tuesday to get his side of the story before the promotion took any action against him,”His lawyer didn’t have him say much”.

But this is not the first time Jon as the champion belt holder has been under the spotlight for his out of the octagon behavior.

In May 2012, Jones was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he crashed his Bentley into a telephone pole in Binghamton, New York. Jones pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DWI charge and avoided jail time.

In early December 2014, Jones tested positive for metabolites of cocaine while training for his bout against Daniel Cormier. Jones was allowed to compete because the test was conducted out of competition, and he beat Cormier at UFC 182.

Jan 6 2015, he checked into rehab for a one day stay

In addition, Reebok terminated Jones’ endorsement contract, effective immediately, Wednesday morning. Jones had lost his deal with Nike after a mutual split in September 2014.

Here are the words of Dana White as reported by  of SB NATION “Obviously he’s one of our biggest stars,” White said. “He was on his way to becoming one of the greatest ever, and he’s got some legal problems he’s got to deal with now. So we suspended him, stripped him of the title, and he’s got some work to do outside of the sport. Then we’ll decide when he comes back.”

Whats does Jones need to do next?

Get off drugs and clean his act up clear and simply. Not just a one day stay in rehab and skip out of there thinking that all is well. He really needs to live up to his words and do that soul searching. He has a lot of talent and simply allowing it to waste away.  Good Luck Bones !


The Rising Popularity of Female Combat Sports

Not too long ago, combat sports were considered activities for men. If you dare to utter this opinion in any gym or sporting facility these days though, you’re likely to come up against very some strong arguments. More and more women are realizing the benefits that they can take away from getting involved in combat sports like MMA martial arts and boxing. It’s a trend that’s really shaking up the fitness industry. But why exactly have the tables turned, and what do you need to consider if you’re a female thinking about changing your workout regime? Here, we’ll examine what you really need to know.

One of the big reasons why female combat sports have seen such a rise in popularity is because they deliver some fantastic results. Sessions spent preparing for a showdown in the ring can burn in excess of 500 calories an hour, and if your goal is to lose weight and cut down on body fat, this can be a very appealing option. Seven sessions at this pace would burn off a pound of fat, and this rate is certainly desirable for those who want to start seeing results as quickly as possible. That’s not all though. Combat sports give a full body workout, so you’ll be toning all your muscles at the same time. If you want lean arms, a pert bum, and impressive abs, you might have finally found the solution you’ve been looking for. Depending on your existing fitness levels, you could start to see results extremely quickly.

Many women report that they prefer to work out in a social environment, and many combat sports facilities tick this box. They’re often very tightly knit communities, and those that you train alongside will often become your best friends and your closest allies. Why exactly would you want to spend hours pounding the pavement in the pouring rain, all on your own, when you could become part of a supportive community, full of people with similar goals and ambitions? Strong friendships are formed when training to step into the ring, and there’s no denying that this is a huge pull for many enthusiasts.
Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that honing your skills in combat sports and martial arts can give females extra peace of mind when it comes to knowing that they have a few self-defense tactics up their sleeves. In the modern world, it’s a pretty sensible approach to adopt. You could learn how to defend yourself even when you’re lying on the ground, and how to stay calm and act in a reasoned manner even when under immense pressure and strain. These benefits can transcend into all areas of your life. Feeling the strain at work with deadlines? Female combat sports can prepare you for that. Struggling with a difficult line manager who won’t stop piling on the work? After your time in your fitness facility, you’ll have strengthened your mind and will be more likely to be able to deal with the stress in a productive manner. For these reasons, women from all walks of life can find solace in taking up combat sports. Whether you’re a student or a CEO, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Nutrition and sport of any kind go hand in hand, and if you want real results from your workouts, you’ll need to carefully think about what you’re putting in your mouth and how you’re fuelling your body. Women all too often fall into the trap of eating too little, and limiting themselves to traditional ‘diet foods’. This often leads to low energy levels and even obsessive behavior when it comes to food. Getting involved in female combat sports can really help to turn the tables on negative patterns. If you want to perform at your very best, you’ll need to fuel your body in the right way. This often involves considering your overall macronutrient intake rather than solely counting calories. Put simply, you’ll be encouraged to learn more about how nutrition impacts your abilities and what your body really needs to perform as its very best. Many women find that this is a real revelation, and triggers a lifelong freedom from restrictive diets and the latest passing fads.

Best of all, combat sports are easily accessible. You don’t have to invest in costly equipment, or turn your garage into an extensive gym with all the latest gadgets. You can get started with basic moves and routines in the comfort of your own home. Just look up some tutorials on YouTube and start the learning process. Of course though, you’re going to quickly reach the stage where you want to take things a little further, and have a real life sparring partner. It’s easier than you might think, and you’ll probably find that there are many options in your local area. Find an instructor who you know you can trust, and work out the options that will be best for you. You might decide that you can go to several classes a week, and fit in extra training on other days to ensure you’re progressing your fitness levels. Once you get into the swing of things, it becomes second nature.

At the same time though, there’s lots to learn, and you can guarantee that you’ll continue to be challenged for a long time into the future. If you’ve even been bored at your regular aerobics class, or have felt like you’re losing the will to live when you’re adding up the miles on a treadmill, this could seem like a very bright prospect. You could be studying and practicing female combat sports for many years, and still find new moves and techniques to test your ability and push you that extra step further.

MMA, boxing, and all other combat sports can be an all-round fantastic option for both genders. Women are well and truly demonstrating that they can step into the ring. With that in mind, why not make it your mission for 2015 to get involved in the action? Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.


There is more to the story of the rise of MMA sports than the UFC. There’s the story of Bill Viola and Frank Caliguri of Pittsburgh, PA who were well versed with the big question which had been long debated among Martial Artist; which system reigns superior? From there they created “Tough Guys.” Their new sports league allowed athletes to fight in the ring with any and all Martial Arts training they desired in attempts to discover which art proved supreme.

With the rise of this MMA sport, many began to view it as a threat. Those involved in the business of Boxing knew mixed fighting would hurt their business and eventually knock out its popularity. Politicians, lawyers, and more with their own intentions came to stop the sport from rising. A league with a similar namesake had legal trouble which proved to be powerful ammunition against “Tough Guys” as well. After a long haul fighting individuals from many sides, Viola and Caliguri ran out of money to continue their legal battle. MMA faded away.

The sport wasn’t gone for too long however. Later the UFC took up the reigns and got everything rolling again. Now MMA is a power house and the UFC has all the credit for bringing the sport to life. Viola’s and Caliguri’s influence almost fell into obscurity but a loyal son brought their story back to light.

Bill Viola Jr. wanted to give his father and Caliguri credit for all the ground work they laid for the sport. Since no book on the history of MMA mentions them, he aimed to tell the world what was missing from the sport’s written history. With co-writer Dr. Fred Adams, God Fathers of MMA was created covering the drama, heartache, inspiration, power, and excitement which came as a result of Viola and Caliguri. Most importantly for Martial Artists, MMA’s new ground proved no fighting system rules over all. To be the best fighter, you must master a system and branch into other fighting styles. That was the best gift the God Father’s of MMA ever gave to Martial Arts. – Paige Etheridge

Interested in the book? Get it here!

Combat Kettlebells by Brian Fernie

Many fighters use Kettlebells in their workouts, many stick to the basic swings and clean and jerks completing reps for strength rather than endurance.
As a fighter, endurance is important as is all your technical and tactical sessions, at times some fighters sacrifice technical sessions for the tactical thinking that two hours sparring is better than metabolic endurance, WRONG.
Fighters need to be aware and able to control the effects of (HLA) ,Hydrogen lactic acid, The body has an in built bicarbonate system which soaks up some of the hydrogen and other by products.

The Hydrogen is the cause of

• Burning feeling in the muscles
• Laboured breathing
• Muscle contraction
• Muscle inhibition

In order to combat these effects and to have effective endurance in a fight, we need to train the body to cope with the demands of the sport.

In order to do this we need to “Address all the components of contact movements in our strength training so that the whole spectrum of flexibility, speed and loads that the muscles will see during training or competition”
The SAID Principle (Specific adaptations to imposed demands) comes hand in hand with the above statement, and allows us to use everything from bodyweight to kettlebells.

Try the following circuit with kettlebells , complete as many reps of each exercise in thirty seconds with fifteen seconds rest in between reps, each set of exercises is grouped in sets of eight, this will allow you to train for five minutes with one minute rest after each set.

Set 1

1. Turkish Get-up alternate sides
2. Side press
3. Arrowhead swings
4. Clean and press
5. Alternate arm swings
6. Pistol
7. Push Press
8. Double Squats

Set 2

1. Squat holding one KB by the horns in the “steering wheel” position
2. Row
3. Swing
4. 1 leg Deadlift alternate legs
5. Weighted crunches
6. Squat holding one KB by the horns in the “steering wheel”
7. Diagonal Snatch
8. Saxon side bends

Set 3

1. Round the worlds
2. Double Swing
3. Clean
4. Renegade Pushup’s
5. Squat Snatch
6. Windmill
7. Bottom up military press
8. Hindu squat

Set 4

1. High Pull
2. Burpees (KB’s in each hand)
3. See saws
4. Reaching Lunges
5. Weighted crunches
6. Russian press
7. Turkish get up
8. Sumo squats

Ensure that your kettlebell is of an appropriate weight so that correct form can be maintained for as long as possible.