Combat Kettlebells by Brian Fernie

Many fighters use Kettlebells in their workouts, many stick to the basic swings and clean and jerks completing reps for strength rather than endurance.
As a fighter, endurance is important as is all your technical and tactical sessions, at times some fighters sacrifice technical sessions for the tactical thinking that two hours sparring is better than metabolic endurance, WRONG.
Fighters need to be aware and able to control the effects of (HLA) ,Hydrogen lactic acid, The body has an in built bicarbonate system which soaks up some of the hydrogen and other by products.

The Hydrogen is the cause of

• Burning feeling in the muscles
• Laboured breathing
• Muscle contraction
• Muscle inhibition

In order to combat these effects and to have effective endurance in a fight, we need to train the body to cope with the demands of the sport.

In order to do this we need to “Address all the components of contact movements in our strength training so that the whole spectrum of flexibility, speed and loads that the muscles will see during training or competition”
The SAID Principle (Specific adaptations to imposed demands) comes hand in hand with the above statement, and allows us to use everything from bodyweight to kettlebells.

Try the following circuit with kettlebells , complete as many reps of each exercise in thirty seconds with fifteen seconds rest in between reps, each set of exercises is grouped in sets of eight, this will allow you to train for five minutes with one minute rest after each set.

Set 1

1. Turkish Get-up alternate sides
2. Side press
3. Arrowhead swings
4. Clean and press
5. Alternate arm swings
6. Pistol
7. Push Press
8. Double Squats

Set 2

1. Squat holding one KB by the horns in the “steering wheel” position
2. Row
3. Swing
4. 1 leg Deadlift alternate legs
5. Weighted crunches
6. Squat holding one KB by the horns in the “steering wheel”
7. Diagonal Snatch
8. Saxon side bends

Set 3

1. Round the worlds
2. Double Swing
3. Clean
4. Renegade Pushup’s
5. Squat Snatch
6. Windmill
7. Bottom up military press
8. Hindu squat

Set 4

1. High Pull
2. Burpees (KB’s in each hand)
3. See saws
4. Reaching Lunges
5. Weighted crunches
6. Russian press
7. Turkish get up
8. Sumo squats

Ensure that your kettlebell is of an appropriate weight so that correct form can be maintained for as long as possible.


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