How Warriors control their mind and emotions before, during and after a violent attack. by Balogun Ojetade

If you want to be, or PROFESS to be a warrior, you need to have complete control of your mind and emotions before, during and after a violent attack.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

You might survive and even prevail against an unskilled and unplanned violent attack because you just went berserk and started punching, kicking, elbowing, screaming, pooting and farting, but you will NOT prevail against a highly trained assailant – which you should ALWAYS train and prepare for – without having control of your mind and your emotions.

Untrained “warriors” (an UNTRAINED warrior really doesn’t even exist) get too nervous and too excited during an attack.

After a violent encounter they can’t sleep, eat, are haunted by nightmares and can’t perform at their best due to poor mental conditioning and poor control of their emotions.

A wicked little bastard shoots up a church and you write on social media how you are planning to kill him for it? Really?

You enjoin men on Facebook to gather and take up arms against these white supremacist nutcases and if they won’t do it, then you encourage our sisters to? Really?

Your heart MIGHT be in the right place, but you are out of control and a danger to yourself and others. Better to step away from that computer or put down that phone before you get yourself, or someone else killed, arrested, or some other shit warriors don’t need to be if they are going to fight a war.

You have got to learn to be calm, and remain calm, cool and collected to do and be your best.

You must control your mind and your emotions.

How, you ask?


Through meditation, breathing and proper, PRACTICAL training. Practice these 3 things daily!


  • Concentrate on a specific thought, idea, technique, or condition.
  • Do it sitting on the floor or while walking or jogging.
  • Visualize the act over and over and see yourself doing it with precision and power.
  • Relax and try to completely clear your mind of any and all other thoughts.


  • Work on slowing and controlling your breath while sparring, walking, jogging, cooking dinner, or just sitting down, enjoying a cup of tea.
  • It is vital that during a violent attack, you control your breathing. For your mind to remain calm, your breath must remain calm.
  • If you lose control of your breathing you lose control of your muscles and thus, you lose control of your mind. Your mind is controlled by your breath.

Proper, Practical Training

  • If you train properly and practically, you will handle a violent attack properly and practically. The way you train is the way you fight / defend yourself / wage war (they ARE all different, by the way).

If you practice to prevail, and know that your techniques work against violent attacks, you will be calm, cool and collected and you WILL prevail when a violent attack comes.

Balogun Ojetade is a master instructor and director at the African Martial Arts Institute. He is also a director, producer and author at Roaring Lions Productions.


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